Why a Public Adjuster is Important

Most of the insurance buying public need to rely on their “Insurance Company’s” “insurance adjuster” to do that for them. What the average customer does not understand is that it is the insurance adjuster’s job to provide “affordable” settlements to claimants and policyholders. A certified and bonded Public Insurance Adjuster or PA can put the footings and develop the walls to make that happen.

Depending on the business, insurance adjusters receive 2 to 4 months of extensive training in claims settlement treatments and then continuous dollar saving training over the rest of their profession. All of this training is to save the insurance company money.

Business Adjusters are trained to cut corners and save their business cash. With the recent news about hold-up, deny and protect techniques being executed by a few of the larger insurance companies it is apparent numerous companies are searching for much more ways to limit claim payments or avoid making any claim payments completely.