Continuing Education of a Public Adjuster Fort Lauderdale FL

A public adjuster in Florida is an insurance adjuster licensed to represent house owners and property owners against insurance provider. Those plaintiffs who suffer damage or losses may use a public adjuster to represent their interests in such claims. Public adjusters normally hold a 3-20 All Lines License and are required to finish 24 hours of public adjuster continuing education every 24 months.

Continuing education needs to consist of courses authorized by the State of Florida particularly for public insurance adjusters. The 24 hours need to be include 2 hours of Ethics; 10 hours of Law and 12 hours of optional course work. Any public adjuster fort lauderdale FL whose CE is due October 2010 or later can just take courses authorized for public adjusters. Any public adjuster whose compliance is due before September 30, 2010 might still take any authorized adjuster course.

For those seeking offered courses, talk to the Florida Department of Financial Services, or the University of Central Florida. Failure to finish these requirements will result in penalties for non-compliance consisting of a fine of $250.00. Continuing Education may be completed in the form of online training (which does need testing), live classes (no testing needed), or correspondence course work (which does need testing).

Completion of CE courses is reported to the State of Florida by the school through an upload of the credits into an online lineup offered by the Department of Financial Solutions. Suppliers are required to publish credits within 20 days of conclusion, although Florida Insurance University and the University of Central Florida upload credits each week. For those worried about compliance dates, it is the date the course is completed, not the date of the upload, that figures out compliance. If you have a June 30th compliance date and the course is completed on June 30th, you are deemed to have actually complied, even if the course credits are not submitted up until July 10th.