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“Not only did ASPA help our family get the maximum return on our claim, but they were fast and extremely courteous. I want to thank their team for helping us out, and for being there when we needed them.” Samuel Fry, FL   read more...

“When dealing with ASPA I never felt like I did when dealing with my insurance company. I knew ASPA would claim the right amount of money for my loss.” Sarah Daniels, FL   read more...

Public Adjusters

Insurance Claims Adjuster Florida

All State Public Adjusters serves clients all across the United States by locating the best possible adjuster to work for you. We have access to the best public adjuster to rectify claim discrepancies with expertise and professionalism. The Public Adjuster we assign to your case will work for you and not for the insurance company. In fact, our average insurance settlements are within the range of 50%-250% more than the initial insurance offer. Once we find the best insurance claim adjuster he/ she will be there to serve you. Our network of Public Insurance Adjusters will work in your best interest, not in the interest of the insurance giants. They work to get you the insurance settlement you deserve.  read more...

Why Choose Us?

Insurance Adjusters

Insurance companies hire insurance adjusters to protect their interests and their shareholder profits. The State of Florida grants policyholders the right to hire their own insurance claims adjuster, known as a Public Adjuster, to protect their interests as well. All State Public Adjusters locates the best adjuster for you, one who is licensed in the same way as insurance company adjusters are licensed, and we even attend the same continuing education courses. In fact, many of the adjusters we assign used to work as insurance company adjusters, and are well versed in all the ins and outs of insurance claims.  read more...

What Is Your Property Damage Worth?

There Are Three Sides to Assessing Property Damage:

The insurance company side that yields the lowest payment possible.
Your side-- where you know you deserve more.
The truth.

We call the truth “our side.”
We know you deserve more, too. So the assigned adjuster will step in to fight on your behalf and maximize your insurance settlements. Often, property owners are not even aware that they are entitled to support from a public adjuster. We do all the work for you and it costs you nothing. You don’t have to feel alone with your damage. We have built our lives around helping people just like you!

Property owners
and insurance adjusters more often than not end up with conflicting opinions on what specific property damage is worth. You, the property owner, likely have a general idea of what you should be awarded given the extent of the damage you have suffered. This is usually a combination of type of damage (fire, flood, vandalism) and square footage of area affected.

An insurance adjuster
is acting on behalf of the insurance company and represents the company’s best interest (and not yours.) Problems arise and disputes happen as a result. What’s even worse? Most property owners are unaware that they are entitled to another opinion, another estimate, and an advocate with years of experience and know-how that will fight for them. We find you the BEST claims adjuster in your area, and he/she will do just that--- protect your rights.

You wouldn't go to court without a lawyer.
In the same context, you shouldn't have to deal with your insurance company/property damage without a public adjuster. Our network of adjusters have years of experience of interpreting contracts and the “gray area” that exists. Furthermore, they work on a contingency basis. In a nutshell, that means that if they are unable to get you an increased adjustment check (or a check at all) from your insurance company, we do not get anything at all. So it is absolutely no risk to you.

If the adjuster is successful
in his/ her efforts, and you are awarded a check or adjusted claim check, we are paid off a very small percentage of that check. This means nothing is out of pocket. That also means that it is a win-win situation—it is in your best interest and ours for us to maximize your insurance claims. It also means you can rest assured that you are getting the absolute highest amount possible for your property and damage type from your insurance company.

All this comes with personalized care
and around-the-clock support that All States Public Adjusters has built its empire around. We aim to please you and stop at nothing to get you the well-deserved claim check. We are here to alleviate the stress of an already stressful situation. Leave it to us. We have hundreds of happy customers and are always happy to provide references. We treat our clients like family and love to add to our success stories. Contact us today and we will immediately begin the process of making you a success story!

All States Public Adjusters: Advocates for you today, tomorrow, and always.

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Case Studies

  • “Even though my claim had been filed a year ago, All States Public Adjusters was able to re-submit my adjusted claim and I got way more money! I am seriously so glad I found out about ASPA!, Thank you”
  • " I was recommended to ASPA by my cousin after she received 30K more on her claim from a roof incident. I had some hurricane damage some time ago but ASPA was still able to adjust the low settlement I got from the insurance companies. I could not believe how low insurance companies will go to rip you off your money, All States Public Adjusters claimed the fair claim”



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